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Natural Fullers Earth & Attapulgite

Natural Fullers earth & Attapulgite clays are naturally active alkaline clays having inherent ion exchange capacity along with high surface area, these clays naturally possess good adsorption capacity.

LVM Attapulgite Granules

LVM Attapulgite Granules are developed for special applications like ATF fuels & light oils. This clay can be manufactured in various mesh sizes depending on the customer requirements.

Acid Activated bleaching Earths

Acid activated clays are special surface modified clays, these clays are usually activated using Strong Acid & alkalies. This process enhances the clay’s surface area & adsorption capacity to several folds.

Face Packs & Beauty Products

Natural clays are with high adsorption capacity are carefully selected for face packs these clays are natural, mineral rich, chemically free also very light & quick drying in nature.

Salt water clay or drilling mud

Salt water clay or drilling mud is widely used in drilling applications of oil wells and other construction related drillings these clays acts like lubricant which helps in clearing out debris to facilitate the free flowing of slurry.

Other Products

Other range of products include : Pet care products, Animal care, Cat litter, Soil conditioners, Agriculture products, Waste water Treatment, Others

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